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2001July ??Raleigh, NCSteve's Back Porch
2003July 14-17Raleigh, NCSteve's Garage
 July 19Raleigh, NCThe Lincoln Theater
 October 30Raleigh, NCThe New Cirkus
2007April 1-6Raleigh, NCJimmy's Friend's Garage
 April 6Raleigh, NCParty With Good Frinds
 April 7Raleigh, NCThe Brewery
2009May 3-7Raleigh, NCTerry's Garage
 May 8Raleigh, NCThe Brewery
 May 9Raleigh, NCSteve's Birthday Party
2011June 3Greenville, NCLive Bar
 June 5Raleigh, NCMichael Gardner Benefit
2012July 20Raleigh, NCSouthland Ballroom
And Beyond  The Future
…and so it ends.