Lincoln Theatre

…the night before halloween — October 30, 2003

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New Cirkus — with a lineup constisting of Steve Quinney, Rodger Bennett (who missed the reunion concert because of an unavoidable commitment), Randy Lee, and long-time friend Jason Patterson on drums — played the band's first post-reunion gig out and hit a major home run with all who came to see them. With a mixture of original tunes and an AC/DC tribute, they kept the crowd rocking and made new fans out of people seeing them for the first time.

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New Cirkus agreed to take the opening act position in front of a band they were led to believe would draw a huge crowd of people who hadn't seen them before and unfortunately this was not the case. In fact, the majority of those there were Cirkus fans, followers and believers, but as usual, New Cirkus delivered the goods as though they'd never stopped.

Roger, Randy and Jason burned up their prospective instruments and a real surprise was Steve playing guitar for about half the set, something that he hadn't done since playing acoustic guitar on The Strawb's "Grave New World" while in Kraun Zeller — the band Kelly and Steve were in long before Jubal. Says Steve, "My role as a guitarist is strictly to enhance what Roger is doing and keep it full where needed. I have no intention of becoming a full fledged guitarist live. Why would I have to when I'm playing with musicians of this caliber?"

It was a great night. Thanks to all who came out.