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January 1, 2Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
January 5Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
January 6Rocky Mount, NCStonewall Station 
January 7Sanford, NCDanny's All Star 
January 8, 9Smithfield, NCRoadrunners 
January 17Wilmington, NCFour Winds 
January 18 - 23Augusta, GAWhipping Post 
January 27 - 30Richmond, VAPoorboys 
January 31Greenville, NCThe AtticListed as booked on The Attic schedule for Jan 1982, yet this date has been marked through in our records.
It's likely we were booked but the date got cancelled for some reason and we're too old to remember.
February 2Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
February 4 - 6Harrisonburg, VAScotland Yard 
February 12, 13Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
February 15 - 17Columbia, SCDundee's 
February 18 - 20Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
February 21Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
February 23Charlotte, NCThe Bank 
February 24North Wilkesboro, NCBrick House 
February 25 - 27Morganton, NCSlick Willie's 
March 5, 6Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
March 11 - 13Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
March 19, 20Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
March 26, 27Charlotte, NCJ. Michaels 
April 2, 3Plymouth, NCStage Left 
April 8North Wilkesboro, NCBrick House 
April 9Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
April 10Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
April 16, 17North Wilkesboro, NCBrick House 
April 18Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
April 23, 24Wilmington, NCUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington 
April 24Goldsboro, NCRoadies 
April 30Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
May 1Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
May 6 - 8Myrtle Beach, SCThe Castaways 
May 12, 13Charlotte, NCBJ's 
May 14, 15Morganton, NCSlick Willie's 
May 21 - 23Charlotte, NCBJ's 
May 24 - 29Cincinnati, OHAnnie's Riverside Saloon 
June 2, 3Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
June 4, 5Plymouth, NCStage Left 
June 10 - 12Columbia, SCDundee'sWe were there, but the dates were cancelled due to a power outage caused by a hell of a big storm
June 13Charlotte, NCCarowindsWROQ concert
One Foot In Hell recorded
June 16, 17Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
June 18, 19Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
June 24 - 26Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
June 29, 30Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
July 1 - 3Atlantic Beach, NCBig Surf 
July 5, 6Cherry Point, NCEnlisted club, Marine Air Station 
July 8Goldsboro, NCRoadies 
July 9, 10New Bern, NCWhiskey River 
July 16, 17North Wilkesboro, NCBrick House 
July 18Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
July 23, 24Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
July 25Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
July 29 - 31Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
August 6, 7Burlington, NCBourbon Street 
August 13, 14Charlotte, NCJ. Michaels 
August 19 - 21Myrtle Beach, SCThe Castaways 
August 24Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
August 25Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
August 27, 28Morganton, NCSlick Willie's 
September 1 - 4Columbia, SCStriders4th with The Producers
September 6, 7Raleigh, NCBig Bad Wolf 
September 10, 11New Bern, NCWhiskey River 
September 12Greenville, NCThe Attic 
September 16 - 18Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
September 19Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
September 20, 21Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
September 24, 25Charleston, WVGalaxy 2000 
September 29Rocky Mount, NCMy Club 
September 30 T. J.'s 
October 1, 2Wilmington, NCHobie's 
October 5Wilmington, NCUniversity of North Carolina at Wilmington 
October 7Plymouth, NCThe Loft 
October 8, 9New Bern, NCWhiskey River 
October 12 - 14Greensboro, NCJoker's III 
October 15, 16North Wilkesboro, NCBogart's 
October 20, 21Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
October 22, 23 T. J.'s 
October 26, 27Charlotte, NCMorehead Junction 
October 29Greenville, SCTextile Hallwith The Producers
October 30Greenville, NCRose High School 
October 31Greenville, NCThe Attic 
November 1, 2Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
November 5, 6Morganton, NCSlick Willie's 
November 7Greensboro, NCJoker's Three 
November 12, 13Asheboro, NCCrow's Nest 
November 14Goldsboro, NCRoadies 
November 18 - 20Fayetteville, NCThe Cellar 
November 22 - 24Columbia, SCStriders 
November 25, 26Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
November 27, 28Greenville, NCThe Attic 
December 1Sanford, NCStudebaker's 
December 3Rocky Mount, NCMy Club 
December 4Ahoskie, NC  
December 5Greensboro, NCJoker's Three 
December 7, 8Greensboro, NCJoker's Three 
December 9 - 11Hickory, NCThe Cabaret 
December 15 - 18Atlanta, GABlair's 
December 19Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
December 21Hickory, NCYesterday's 
December 29Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
December 31Wilmington, NCHobie's