Cirkus Itinerary Notes

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These are the dates we played from 1978 (a few we knew we did, even if we don't know when or the name of the club), and 1979 to now — yes, there are quite sizable gaps in there (especially 1978). They were gleaned from the various date books that Sean and his lovely wife kept so we'd know where we were. It was helpful to have them some days to refresh our memory.

We don't have many (any confirmed) dates from 1978 because Sean wasn't in the band yet, and well, we were just recovering from jubal and were finding ourselves again—we were a bit lost back then to tell the truth.

There may be a couple of blank spots because either the club name or the city name wasn't written down for some reason, and none of us can remember that far back. There's also at least one total blank spot because we do remember clearly that we played a place called Uncle Tom's Cabin in Atlanta, but don't have it listed (I think the name was changed right before we played. phoo). We played Atlanta three times, all in different clubs, but the third one isn't listed either. Also, there were a couple of times that we played as opening act for other bands but don't have those listed as far as when. Those would be with Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band at the Switch in Raleigh (now THAT was an interesting evening) and a memorable date in Myrtle Beach with The Ohio Players.

Check it out—you might discover that you saw us somewhere!