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January 2Covington, VAThe Shamrock 
January 3 - 5Drexel, NCDodge City 
January 7 - 9Fayetteville, NCThe Cellar 
January 11, 12Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
January 13Sanford, NCCarolina Underground 
January 17 - 20Glen Burnie, MDThe Sandbar 
January 23Fayetteville, NCBaby Blue 
January 24 - 27Roanoke, VAKings Inn 
January 30Jacksonville, NCJasper's 
February 1 - 3Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
February 13Rockingham, NCCracker's 
February 14Salisbury, NCUptown Connection 
February 15, 16Reidsville, NCBackyard Steak House 
February 18, 19Raleigh, NCMonday's 
February 20Elizabeth City, NCLighthouse 
February 21Greenville, NCThe Attic 
February 22, 23New Bern, NCFM 
February 24Richmond, VAMuch More 
February 25 - 27Fayetteville, NCBaby Blue 
February 28Ferrum, VAThe House 
February 29Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
March 4Staunton, VADices Inn 
March 5Covington, VAThe Shamrock 
March 6 - 9Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
March 12, 13Hickory, NC1849 Tavern 
March 14, 15Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
March 16Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
March 17 - 22Myrtle Beach, SCThe Castaways 
March 24, 25Raleigh, NCMonday's 
March 26Roanoke, VARoanoke College 
March 27Reidsville, NCBackyard Steak House 
March 28, 29Kannapolis, NCSgt. Pepper's 
April 2Newport News, VAChrist. Newport College 
April 3Shelby, NCThe Dock 
April 4, 5Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
April 6, 7Wrightsville Beach, NCThe Crest 
April 9Pinnacle, NCBlonde John's 
April 10 - 12Drexel, NCDodge City 
April 13Sanford, NCCarolina Underground 
April 16Winston-Salem, NCFaces 
April 17Greenville, NCThe Attic 
April 18, 19Atlantic Beach, NCNight Moves 
April 20Richmond, VAMuch More 
April 22, 23Covington, VAThe Shamrockwith Grinderswitch
April 24, 25Lynchburg, VAKnight Gallery 
April 26Marion, VAsomebody's prom 
April 27Salisbury, NCUptown Connection 
April 30Hickory, NC1849 Tavern 
May 1Hickory, NC1849 Tavern 
May 2 - 4Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
May 5 - 10Myrtle Beach, SCThe Castaways 
May 13 - 15Fayetteville, NCThe Cellar 
May 16Kannapolis, NCSgt. Pepper's 
May 17Roanoke, VAPrivate EventSomebody else's prom
May 20Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
May 21Pinnacle, NCBlonde John's 
May 22Hickory, NC1849 Tavern 
May 23, 24Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
May 26Greenville, SCElectric Warehouse 
May 28Shelby, NCThe Dock 
May 29Winston-Salem, NCPhilosophers 
May 30, 31Hickory, NCSpur of the Moment 
June 1Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
June 4Elizabeth City, NCLighthouse 
June 6 - 8Nag's Head, NCThe Casino 
June 12 - 14Drexel, NCDodge City 
June 17Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
June 18, 19Wrightsville Beach, NCThe Crest 
June 20 - 22Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
June 24Blowing Rock, NCP.B. Scott's 
June 25Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
June 26Roanoke Rapids, NCIck's 
June 27, 28Atlantic Beach, NCNight Moves 
July 2Covington, VAThe Shamrock 
July 3 - 5Pinnacle, NCBlonde John's 
July 7 - 12Myrtle Beach, SCThe Castaways 
July 13Rockingham, NCCrackers 
July 15, 17Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
July 20Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
July 21 - 23Fayetteville, NCThe Cellar 
July 24Greenville, NCThe Attic 
July 25, 26Wrightsville Beach, NCThe Crest 
July 27 - September 29Respective HomesRaleigh, GreenvilleSelf imposed vacation—the band broke up.
We decided to get back together when it became obvious that we were still too young to get real jobs.
September 30Jacksonville, NCChateau Madrid 
October 1, 2Jacksonville, NCChateau Madrid 
October 3, 4New Bern, NCDiamond Jim's 
October 9New Bern, NCDiamond Jim's 
October 10, 11Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
October 15, 16Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
October 17, 18Covington, VAThe Shamrock 
October 20, 21Raleigh, NCMonday's 
October 22, 23Hickory, NC1849 Tavern 
October 24, 25Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
October 31Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
November 1Charlotte, NCBoardwalk Billy's 
November 2Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
November 5, 6North Wilkesboro, NC1849 Tavern 
November 7, 8Statesville, NC1849 Tavern 
November 9Fayetteville, NCThe Track 
November 12Durham, NCGreat Escape 
November 13 - 15Blowing Rock, NCP.B. Scott's 
November 16Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
November 25 - 30Jacksonville, NCChateau Madrid 
December 3, 4Norfolk, VAKings Head Inn 
December 5 - 7Virginia Beach, VAPequod's 
December 11 - 13Raleigh, NCMonday's 
December 14Winston-Salem, NCCasablanca 
December 16Charlotte, NCThe Roxy 
December 17Rock Hill, SCThe Safari 
December 19Rock Hill, SCThe Safari 
December 26New Bern, NCDiamond Jim's 
December 27New Bern, NCDiamond Jim'swith Nantucket
December 28Greenville, NCThe Attic 
December 30Raleigh, NCThe Switch 
December 31Statesville, NC1849 Tavern