Joker's III — Greensboro, NC

…A Strange Night — October 14, 1982

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Hmm…what to say about Joker's III. What an odd place. We always had a pretty good time there—we had a pretty good time anywhere—but it seemed we always got booked there on wet t-shirt contest night. Not that we were complaining, mind you. This was also the site of our first encounter with a fighter biting a piece of another fighter’s ear off, way before Tyson ever thought about it.

These tunes were recorded by a friend of the band who took a feed off of the mixing board, as well as a separate microphone capturing the main speakers. This was unbeknownst to the band at the time or we might have tried to play a little better. Yeah, we guess you could call it a cirkus bootleg. And, in typical bootleg fashion there are gaps and dropouts in the tape. No, our friend was not a former president—Geez!

We’ve narrowed the timeframe down to October 14, 1982, simply because that sounds reasonable, and it's the only Thursday we played there that half of the year. Steve makes mention of the next band coming in "tomorrow" once and "Friday" another. Reasonable. Anyway, close enough after way too many years, don't you know?

The band has just recently lost Rodger—back to Sidewinder from where we had stolen him a few years earlier—and is playing as a four-piece band rather than a five-piece for one of the first times ever…we think. Well, we know we’re playing four-piece but since it’s one of the first times we don't exactly have it down yet. There are flashes, and there are fizzles. There are also some…umm…never mind.

We still don't know why the sets were so short. Maybe because the only folks in the club were us, a couple of bands that had the night off, and a few die-hard fans that would follow us anywhere. Regardless, it was a good night to try out some different songs for a change. Plus, we were still very much feeling out what we could and could not play respectibly as a four piece…with quite limited succes at times.

"You get what I mean, man, you know what I’m saying? Know what I mean?" Oh, yeah…we know what you mean. Just shut up and play…but, the dressing room is off limits for a few minutes…and stop looking in that hole in the wall…give 'em some privacy—GEEZ! AGAIN!!

Anyway, for better or worse, not one of our better nights.

  • Steve Quinney
  • Eric Bennett
  • Sean Carmichael
  • Kelly Craven