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A Few Words About The Recordings

actual real C-180 cassette

All cirkus audio has been recovered from old cassettes of very questionable quality. Therefore, the sound quality is less than optimal and in most cases is very poor. Considering the quality of the original tapes…well, lets just say the results are better than we could have imagined. We are happy campers.

Only the Carowinds concert was professionally recorded, but the original master tapes and final mix of that concert have long vanished, leaving us with just a preliminary test mix cassette — a very lucky find.

The rest? Well…the range is horrible to almost acceptable — you be the judge. It's amazing what you can do with a few good audio tools these days.

We must give much thanks to all of our soundmen and friends. Without their spontaneous actions most of these recording would not exist. Thanks folks!

Writer's credits copyrights and other necessary stuff

An attempt to cover our butt, just in case...

All cover tunes (not Cirkus originals) are copyrighted by the respective authors and/or artist and are not in any way copyrighted by Cirkus or any of it's former members. All songs are included without permission of the owners (except Cirkus originals), but have been included as a show of appreciation for the fans of Cirkus and as a tribute to the original artists. Cirkus makes no money from these songs and therefore hopes the owners will not object to allowing our fans a chance to listen to them for the first time in more years than we care to speculate.

These postings should not be considered as public releases of these materials, and is not intended to appear so. If any respective publisher, author, or artists (owners of the copyrights) objects to the postings of these performances they will be removed immediately.
All Cirkus material 1983 A Little SEC Music  * except where noted

Casablanca feedback set lists December 19, 1982

Set One

  • Intro (tape)
  • Bet Your Ass
  • Money
  • High and Dry (Saturday Night)
  • Livin' After Midnight
  • Brand New Cadillac
  • Mean Street
  • I Think I'm In Love
  • Working For The Weekend
  • You Really Got Me (Lola/Paranoia)
  • Bad Boy Boogie

Set Two

  • Intro (tape)
  • Back With A Bullet
  • Not In Love
  • The Kid Is Hot Tonight
  • Troubleshooter
  • Falling In Love
  • Rock and Roll Damnation
  • 867-5309 (Jenny)
  • Hurts So Good
  • Pretty Woman
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Set Three

  • I'm So Tired
  • Breaking The Law
  • Tonight
  • You Won't See Me Again
  • Midnight Rendezvous
  • I Like It
  • Starfucker
  • Peter Pan
  • Baby