Casablanca — Winston Salem, NC

…If It Can Go Wrong — December 19, 1982

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We loved playing at Casablanca although to tell the truth, it always seemed like we were a little ragged when we got there. According to the Itineraries, we played there a total of 19 dates starting on June 1, 1980 and continuing fairly regularly until our playing our very last date as a touring band there on March 6, 1983. All on Sundays as that was "rock night" for them and that meant that we had been playing multiple dates prior to getting there and most times, were a bit weary and looking forward to a couple of well-deserved days off.

This particular video is a few months after Rodger Bennett had left us (see Strange Night at Jokers) and not too long before Eric Bennett left us and was replaced with Squire Lilly (see Galaxy 2000). Club owner Bobby Locke had recently acquired a VHS camera (this was 1982 folks…this was brand new technology) and taking an audio feed straight from the mixer, graciously filmed us, warts and all.

Multiple glitches plague the first set…power to Ericís bass rig went out, power to the lights went out, a flash pot failed to go off (watch as Wes removes it), then it went off side-stage that wasnít supposed to (giving us a short lived moment of obvious panic), but what the hell — thatís rock and roll, right? Right.

Rock on!

  • Steve Quinney
  • Sean Carmichael
  • Eric Bennett
  • Kelly Craven