Galaxy 2000 — Charleston, WV

…The End is nearer than we think — February 12, 1983

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Hmm…hereís a strange one. This particular night features one of the only recordings we have of Cirkus playing with Squire Lilly on bass. We can't really come up with anything positive to say about this particular club, as we spent all total about three weeks in Charleston, West Virginia, over the years and never once saw the sun shine. You draw the analogy. The best thing about Charleston, in our humble opinion, is I-77 South at the end of the tour of duty there.

We believe that this week at Galaxy 2000 is the one when the dressing room was broken into and Seanís band jacket was stolen—if you ever see anyone there wearing a very cool silver jacket with Cirkus on the back, do us a favor…Kick their butt; Take it from them; Email us and let us know where we can come get it.

This also is the week that Phoo was accused of attempting to start a brawl. The reason being that he brought a sawed off pool cue stick on stage with the intent of using to smash heads…according to the DJ. Anyone that knows Phoo know that his style isn't to intimidate with a pool stick. He'd just point the road crew in the direction of anyone that was causing a problem.

In reality there was a whole closet full of sawed off sticks and knockers in the dressing room. Phoo was playing with one while on break. Then, the intro tape started and he was absentmindedly already on stage before he realized he had walked out of the dressing room with it. This was a very innocent mistake on his part but was more evidence of the…ummm…unfriendly mindset of that place. There are other more colorful words…

Still, itís an interesting listen to hear how the band had evolved over the years, although the end is near and Squire isn't fully worked in. Having Squire in the band definitely put a different spin on things, not better or worse, just different.

  • Steve Quinney
  • Squire Lilly
  • Sean Carmichael
  • Kelly Craven