The Carowinds Concert

…Aftermath of a Carolina Tornado — June 13, 1982

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WROQ-FM of Charlotte held a listener's contest in which they asked them to vote for their five favorite local bands. The five leading vote-getters would perform a concert at the Carowinds Palladium and would be recorded for the radio station to release as an album of the show, with each band receiving two songs. Reliable Music of Charlotte—a very cool place in its own right—provided the sound system and recording gear. Saddy, they are no longer with us.

The concert took place on June 13, 1982 in front of about 2,000 folks who were having a great time seeing the bands that they had voted for. Sugarcreek (later just The Creek; "We're now sugar-free!") opened, followed by Lizzy Borden, then The Federal Bureau of Rock and Roll. The Vandals (not that one, for you trivia buffs out there, the other one from Charlotte) came next, with the "final ticket" (as the man says in the introduction) being Cirkus.

Trivia: Cirkus, being the last band to play, did in fact play an encore. No other band was allowed to play an encore and neither was Cirkus. They did it anyway, much to the chagrin of the promoters. But, that song (Money) was not recorded. So, be it.

Cirkus obtained the master tapes and David Floyd mixed them (along with the band's assistance). The band had all intentions of releasing the entire show as an album of their own. Eventually, that did happen, twenty years later, as the One Foot In Hell album.

The taped recording showcases the band at the peak of their power and, quite probably, the peak of their career. They were tight from playing countless dates; fresh and ready to play from having been off, unscheduled, for a few days. They had been booked to play in Columbia, SC, the previous several days but couldn't due to a massive power outage that lasted four days caused by a huge thunderstorm and tornado.

Below for your pleasure, are all recorded cuts from that show. As they ever were, they are best experienced at high volume. Enjoy!

  • Steve Quinney
  • Rodger Bennett
  • Eric Bennett
  • Sean Carmichael
  • Kelly Craven