A Fat Bunch of Guys

In July 2001, after 18 long years, fortune smiled on us and several of us were able to get together. Kelly happened to be in the Eastern sector of the universe, and his (now ex) wife obligingly allowed him a few days to go off and have some fun. She brought him up to Atlanta, whereupon he and Sean hopped in the car for a whirlwind weekend trip to Raleigh.

Gathering at Steve’s house for the weekend were Sean, Kelly, Rodger, and Eric where many stories were swapped and lies told, much catching up was done, and, oh yeah, we played a little, too. Huge thanks to Steve and his family are in order for putting us up, and putting up with us.

Special thanks go out to Steve’s neighbors who were kind enough NOT to call the police on us! Well, the police did show up, but it wasn't because of us for a change.

Some of us may be fat, some may be bald, some are still ugly…but the boys are still the boys, and they still know how to rock. It was great fun to discover that, even after all these years, nothing has really changed.

And, the seed was firmly planted for more.