The Lincoln Reunion Music

…a few music selections from the video

California Man     reuntion pictures
This is a tasty nugget from years past. We dropped this song during the Steve Long era (1980—1981), although we’re not real clear on why. It always seemed like a natural one for us to be doing —"Going to a party!" Oh, yeah.

Big Eyes Erin Carmichael   Bass reuntion pictures
Another tasty little Cheap Trick tune, this one also marks the onstage debut of EKS. Adding Steve on vocals (we’re still waiting on him for ELO Kiddies!) makes the band name SEKS. You figure it out. We wanted a tune for Erin to come up and play and Dad suggested several tunes for her, and true to form, she chose the Cheap Trick song. We’re glad she did — she rocks!

Rock and Roll Damnation Jeffery Foster 
David Baker 
 Lead Guitar
reuntion pictures
The big stage debut of Steve’s grandson, Jeffrey Foster. Jeff was only 13 at the time of the concert and we think he’s got a real good future ahead of him if he chooses to pursue a musical career. Also on this song is a long time friend of the band, David Baker on drums. It wouldn’t truly have been a Raleigh show nor a performance of this song without David on drums — seems like every time we turned up in Raleigh, he was there. We’re glad he still is, too.

Bad Boy Boogie Don Parker   Lead Guitar reuntion pictures
An excellent tune to showcase Don Parker, an original member of Cirkus. We chose this song for 2 reasons. 1) It’s almost expected at a Cirkus show since it was a mainstay of our songlist for a LONG time and, 2) It’s just plain fun to play, and Don smoked it.

Go Down Don Parker   Rhythm Guitar reuntion pictures
This is a fun little ditty about something near and dear to our collective hearts. It's a song about…well…just read the song title. That pretty much sums it up. Booyah!

trivia note: see if you can spot the point where Sean's high E string pops off the bridge saddle, much to his chagrin. No bonus points, though, it's kind of obvious. Dammit.

NIB     reuntion pictures
A new song, to us anyway. We wanted to throw in a couple of surprises, stuff that folks hadn’t heard us do before, so we chose this one and the next one. We also chose this one as a way to showcase the God of Thunder, Randy Lee, and boy howdy, does it ever!

Paint It Black     reuntion pictures
This is a little different spin on the classic Stones tune. We tried to make it as heavy as humanly possible because it always sounded like that to us. Kelly’s drumming is the main reason that this song works, in our oh-so-humble opinion. Driving, thunderous, impeccable, solid as a friggin’ rock. That’s our phoo.